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Amerivents is a full-service hospitality organization that provides staffing, catering, and event management services for events of every scale.

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hand-picked for their passion for services

a flexible approch


event cuisine tailored to your tastes

versatile and experienced

event management

customized experiences for your guests

xl hospitality

large-scale events

stadium, coliseum, and arena event management


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Our dedication to hospitality permeates every level of our organization.

Adam Laino

Managing Partner, Staffing

Katrina Cleofe

Business Development Manager

Latricia Goodridge

Staffing Coordinator

Camille Goodridge

Staffing Coordinator

Cindy Johnson

Director of Human Resources and Operations

Daniel Cano

Director of Accounting

Janine Livote

Accounting Manager

James Della Pace

President & CEO